About Us

Founded by a group of beer enthusiasts who share the common goal of advancing their knowledge about beer, Beer Scouting is an invitation to discover new beers through our experimentation.

We plan to focus on tasting, reviewing and ranking beer that’s widely available in the United States, with an emphasis on Northern California beers. Our reviews will be written in a journalistic voice and created with the casual beer drinker in mind. Though we hope to sharpen our senses and enrich our taste buds – to the point where we can keep up with the most technical tasters – we believe there’s a lot of value in making information available in a language that casual drinkers can follow.

Our staff is also united by passion for baseball. In recognition of these roots, we initially devised a beer grading rubric that was based on baseball’s 20-80 scouting scale. A decision was later made to keep the grades to a simple A through F scale, but you may find some scouting lingo in our reviews.

Beer Scouting is a Project Prospect company. For additional information, please contact Adam Foster at adamf@beerscouting.com.

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