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La Sirène Farmhouse Red - 05/03/2015

Sharp and dry-finishing. It grew on me as I got deeper into my glass.

Presidente Pilsner - 05/03/2015

Budweiser's Dominican Import. Drink rum instead ;).

Little Creatures Pale Ale - 05/03/2015

Malty with a crisp hop finish. Inspired by Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Little Creatures Pale Ale is flavorful with some bitterness but still drinkable.

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale - 05/03/2015

Pacific Ale is a lively, fruity beer with a fresh, clean finish that leaves you wanting more. Grapefruit citrus flavor with an impressively clean finish.

Moonlight Brewing Points North - 05/03/2015

Tart and drinkable. Starts mellow before an excellent, fruity/slightly tart midtaste comes through.

Dogfish Head Sixty-One - 05/03/2015

Sweet up front, hoppy finish. Drinkable and flavorful, Sixty-One is light-bodied and fruity with a slightly bitter hop finish.

Mikkeller Beer Hop Breakfast - 05/03/2015

Malty creaminess. Smooth, well-hopped coffee porter with a creamy, tasty finish.

Alesmith Yulesmith - 05/03/2015

Creamy, hoppy, tasty. Quite drinkable for a pretty well-hopped red.

Belching Beaver Beaver's Milk - 05/03/2015

Rich, roasted, creamy. Sweet and bitter at the same time, Beaver's milk is drinkable and flavorful with a light finish.

Imperial Younger's Special Bitter Ale - 05/03/2015

Creamy, drinkable, flavorful. Rich barleywine-esque aroma.

Firestone Velvet Merlin - 05/03/2015

Sharp, coffee-roasted stout. Very smooth.

Earth Thirst Double IPA - 05/03/2015

Creamy with a high-alcohol finish. Drinkable, smooth Double IPA.

Cantillon St. Lamvinus - 05/03/2015

Sharp, fruity. Cranberry.

Ommegang Fleur fe Houblon - 05/03/2015

Spiced, floral summer ale. Drinkable, spiced, sharp, floral ale.

Russian River Temptation - 03/11/2014

Sweet, Chardonnay beer. Short, mellow start before taking on a very sour midtaste and finish.

Prairie Bomb - 03/11/2014

One-of-kind spicy stout. Rich, roasted and a bit syrupy with the 14% alcohol nearly entirely masked and a spicy, smoky burning finish.

Cantillon Vigneronne - 02/11/2014

Tart drinkability. The first sip was jarringly tart.

Bockor Jacobins Rouge - 10/20/2013

Lively, tart and creamy Flemish red. This is awesome.

Anchorage Brewing The Tide and its Takers - 10/20/2013

Bitter, sour, sweet, sour. Funky, tart Tripel with a sharp midtaste and a slightly hoppy bitter, carbonated finish.

Fantôme Extra Sour Black Dark Extra Batch 2013 - 10/20/2013

Watery sour. Light, clean and relatively low on flavor up front before finishing slightly sour with a tame, acidic, earthy finish.
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