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Firestone Walker Double Jack - 05/30/2013

High ABV + sweetness = quite good. Starts really sweet and almost creamy.

Midnight Sun Brewing Obliteration IX - 05/30/2013

Drinkable double IPA without a lot of flavor. Hoppy water that hides its 8% ABV well.

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis - 05/23/2013

Sharp, drinkable, spiced wheat beer. A low-alcohol offering, Kellerweis is well-balanced, with minimal bitterness and a creamy body.

Sierra Nevada Torpedo - 05/21/2013

Plenty hoppy, plenty bitter. A piney IPA, Torpedo is a bold offering.

Rogue XS Imperial Red Ale - 05/21/2013

Unique fruity red with a bitter finish. Hops hidden initially, XS Imperial Red turns tangy with a bit of raisin flavor before ending on a hoppy note that lingers.

Speakeasy Prohibition Ale - 05/20/2013

Impressive balance of malt and hops. Starts with a bit of creamy malt sweetness before transitioning into a surprising dose of hops.

Dogfish Head Midas Touch - 05/19/2013

Honey beer that goes down easy. Starts a little tart before gaining a honey momentum and finishing with a refreshing grape sweetness.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale - 05/19/2013

Crisp, drinkable, piney ale. Starts bitter and finishes bitter with a bit of pine flavor in between.

Bear Republic Racer 5 - 05/19/2013

A well-balanced, extrovert of an IPA. Racer 5 starts pretty calm before transitioning to a full-bodied, hoppy IPA.

Russian River Pliny the Elder - 05/15/2013

Crisp hop delightfulness. Light, tasty bitter-finishing double IPA that has an elite, clean finish that leaves you craving more.

Old Chub Scotch Ale - 05/15/2013

Smooth, sweet, malty offering. Starts mellow and creamy, lacking in carbonation, in a good way.

Sierra Nevada Hoptimum - 05/15/2013

Very hoppy but clean finishing. Bitter and hoppy immediately with a heavy dose of alcohol at midtaste before ending with a surprising relatively minimal amount of bitterness.

Monk's Café Flemish Sour Ale - 05/12/2013

Sweet, malty, carbonated sour. More malty than sour.

Ommegang Hennepin - 05/12/2013

Well-spiced yesty ale. Aside from finishing a bit like a diet soda, Hennepin is delightful.

Flying Dog Brewery Double Dog - 05/09/2013

Strong dose of hops and malt sweetness. Starts with a kick of alcohol before finishing with lingering bitterness.

E.J. Phair Shorty's Revenge - 05/04/2013

Rich malty offering with a sweet finish. Gushing with flavor from start to finish.

Bear Republic Rebellion - 05/04/2013

Smooth, drinkable IPA with a mellow finish. Calm up-front flavor before turning slightly bitter and finishing clean with a touch of lingering bitterness.

Chimay Red - 05/04/2013

Drinkable Belgian packed with malt flavor. Dry finishing.

Deschutes Red Chair NWPA - 04/14/2013

Very flavorful, very drinkable. Hoppy without too much bitterness.

Downtown Joe's Double Secret Probation IPA - 04/14/2013

Bold, sweet IPA with plenty of hops and a smooth finish. Well-balanced IPA with citrus flavor and some bitterness but enough grapefruit sweetness to go down easy.
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