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Anderson Valley Hop Ottin' IPA - 11/27/2012

Very hoppy and slightly bitter IPA. Starts out smooth before finishing with a strong kick of hops.

Wasatch Pumpkin Ale - 11/05/2012

A tad watery but well spiced. Drinkable pumpkin ale with a flavorful finish.

Bayerischer Bahnhof Brettanomyces Lambicus - 10/21/2012

Starts mellow, finishes with a kick. There's very little up-front flavor but once it hits the back of your tongue, it's almost a shocker.

Bear Republic Jack London ESB - 10/21/2012

Tart and hoppy with an excellent finish. Flavorful bitter with a heavy dose of hops and a surprisingly clean finish.

Anderson Valley Winter Solstice - 10/21/2012

Smooth, creamy and delicious. Booming with malty sweetness, Winter Solstice has an outstanding, clean finish, masking its relatively high ABV.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager - 10/02/2012

An very good beer from start to finish. Boston Lager starts a little mellow before releasing an explosion of delicious malt flavor.

Lagunitas IPA - 09/26/2012

Generously hopped and surprisingly drinkable. There are many over-the-top, high-ABV IPAs out there.

Dogfish Head Festina Peche - 09/20/2012

Crisp, tart and sweet with a sour kick at the end. True to the Dogfish Head mold of beer that's unique and memorable, Festina Pêche is a flavorful low-alcohol beer that's plenty sweet and not at all bitter.

New Belgium Cocoa Mole - 04/25/2012

2013 Update: Unfortunately New Belgium didn't produce Cocoa Mole in 2013. I was pretty high on it last year and I was looking forward to revisiting it.

Dogfish Head Bitches Brew - 03/03/2012

Note: This review was written in a dark, bustling tavern. Sorry for the poor photo quality.

Guinness Draught - 02/05/2012

Smooth, coffee-flavored stout. Guinness is a remarkable offering.

Samuel Adams Alpine Spring - 02/05/2012

Light and drinkable. Alpine Spring is a good middle ground for beer drinkers who don't like heavy craft brews but are over well-advertised, beer-flavored water.

Alimony Ale - 02/03/2012

A good dose of hops with a sweet, mellow finish. This generously flavored IPA starts strong and tastes like a higher ABV beer than 6.

Greenflash 2010 Barleywine Revisited - 01/30/2012

Green Flash Barleywine aged one year. The finish is leaps and bounds better than the unaged version.

Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock - 12/26/2011

Light, sweet ale that really does taste chocolatey. Smooth and drinkable, Chocolate Bock is a malty offering that's for the sweet-tooth beer drinker.

Green Flash Le Freak - 12/20/2011

They did it; an amazing Belgian/IPA combo. Starting like a Belgian and finishing like an IPA, Le Freak tastes more IPA than Belgian, though you definitely get a little of each.

Bear Republic APEX - 12/20/2011

Thick full-bodied IPA that mixes sweetness with bitterness. Bitter hops hit you right away.

Samuel Adams Old Fezziwig Ale - 12/20/2011

Sweet, surprisingly drinkable ale with plenty of flavor. Samuel Adams calls this one a brownish-red ale.

Allagash Tripel Reserve - 12/04/2011

Interesting Belgian with alcohol content to spare. This isn't a typical Belgian Style Ale.

Dogfish Head Burton Baton - 11/05/2011

A hoppier version of Dogfish Head's IPA. Surpringly clean, Burton Baton is a typical Dogfish Head explosion of flavor.
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