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Mendocino Brewing Co. White Hawk IPA - 04/15/2013

This drinkable IPA from one of my favorite brewing companies is solid across the board. The aroma hints at citrus, white grape and pine.

New Belgium Rolle Bolle - 04/13/2013

If you're looking for a drinkable beer that's a step above your favorite American lager, look no further than Rolle Bolle. It's not bad, but it's not great.

New Belgium Rampant Imperial IPA - 04/10/2013

Hoppy and sweet, with a nice grapefruit finish. Aroma is all hops and citrus.

Lost Coast Raspberry Brown - 04/09/2013

When I saw a label for a raspberry brown ale, I was a little skeptical. Then I saw that it was a product of Lost Coast, a brewery that I tend to like.

Almanac Honey Saison - 04/07/2013

Weak-bodied with little bite, this honey saison leaves much to be desired. It is watery and dry, and despite its name offers little of the sweetness and smoothness expected from honey.

Abita Brewery Andygator - 12/30/2011

Juicy, smooth, citrusy flavor accompanied by the perfect amount of hops.

St. Peter's Winter Ale - 12/30/2011

A dark, malty, smooth winter ale that is drinkable in all seasons.

Life and Limb 2 - 10/22/2011

Very sweet. Surgary from start to finish.

Japanese Green Tea IPA - 10/22/2011

Smooth and crisp with IPA characteristics at the end. Up front you get sweetness and green tea flavor, with a bitter finish.

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale - 10/22/2011

Rich, piny, and intense, Bigfoot Ale hits the taste buds hard. The initial impact is brought on by the aroma, which hints at pine, citrus, molasses and brown sugar.

Lagunitas Dog Town Pale Ale - 07/28/2011

Dog Town Pale Ale, brought to you by Petaluma's finest, is one of the hoppier Pale Ales I've had that does not belong to the IPA category. Actually, when I drank a Dog Town right after finishing an Eel River IPA, the Dog Town hit my taste buds harder.

Stone Double Bastard Ale - 04/01/2011

Double the Bastard, double the drinkability! Stone Brewery hit the nail on the head with their Double Bastard Ale. This ale strays from the bitterness of the regular Arrogant Bastard Ale and is surprisingly drinkable and refreshing.
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