Chimay Blue

April 16, 2011

Overall Grade:A


Dark fruit flavors -- let's say plum, red cherry and prune -- make this beer a unique offering. While not too overpowering, alcohol jumps out mid-taste, before Grande Réserve finishes on a bit of a fruity note.

There's a decent amount of carbonation; it has a sharp mouthfeel. It's almost as if the beer it knocking on the taste buds on the side of my tongue, suggesting that they awaken for this one. One glass in, my tongue is almost a little numb. The color is a dark amber -- I'm tied of describing beer through soda terms (cola). It poured with a bit of head that quickly vanished.

Give this to a blind taster who's accustomed to watery beer and they may not even discern that it's beer. It's a fun change of pace that's worth holding on to for a special occasion.

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