Schlafly American India Pale Ale

May 18, 2011

Overall Grade:A-

This beer is a summer special release that Schlafly began brewing last year. After last year's release hit with such fanfare they released this somewhat different (8% ABV last year down to 7.2% this year), but still spectacular, version. The aroma is strong and is dominated by some very enjoyable citrusy hops. After the strong aroma, I somewhat expected this beer to have a lingering harsh bitterness, only to be surprised with how smooth and clean this IPA ended up. The hop bitterness and flavor is most prevalent but the malt flavor is still there, making this beer excellent for any IPA lover. I'd even recommend this to someone who enjoys a good American Pale Ale but finds IPAs a little to bitter for their particular tastes. An excellent beer for practically any occasion.

Bottled on 4/26/2011 and tasted on 5/18/2011

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