Goose Island 312

July 13, 2011

Overall Grade:B+

The aroma of 312 leads with strong wheat malt, a bit of clove, and some light yeasty character. A nice, albeit expected, aroma from a beer that has such a strong following from fans of American Wheat Ales.

The flavor is light, with a strong yeast and wheat malt flavor. The initial taste almost reminds me of a very good wheat bread. Outside of the yeast and wheat malt profile, this "Urban Wheat Ale" has just a touch of lemon-like citrus toward the end.The carbonation is rather high but that's welcome and expected in a sessionable beer such as this.

Overall, a very nice light beer from Goose Island. This wheat ale is smooth, clean, and has nice subtle flavors that can be enjoyed almost anywhere.

Goose Island Beer Company was recently bought by InBev and is located in Chicago, IL.

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