Anchor Brewing Small Beer

October 9, 2011

Overall Grade:B

Even though the style is called small, the flavor in this beer is definitely more complex than the name lets on. Based on the label description, small beer is made with a batch sparge after making the wort for another beer, in this case an ale. Sparging refers to rinsing the grains of the first mash, creating another, lighter mash, hence the name small beer. First tip: drink this beer no colder than 60 degrees F. The heavy, savory malt flavors are too prominent when it's cold, leaving an unpleasant finish on the back of the tongue. As the beer warms up the lighter malt flavors are more apparent and balance out the overall beer. Aroma: Very good, hoppy more than anything. Deceiving though, as this beer is bitter without a lot of hop aroma and flavor. Taste: Good, not great. If you had to pick one word to describe the taste of this beer, it would be bitter. However, it does have a crisp finish and is definitely refreshing. Drinkability: Good, the last sip tastes like the first, this is more of a warm weather beer given its crisp flavor and finish. Overall, a good, decent beer, but not the best offering of the inimitable Anchor Brewing Company. For my money, Anchor Steam is still there best offering, if not one of the best beers out there.

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