Bikini Blonde Lager

October 22, 2011

Overall Grade:A

It's still hot in Arizona, so I figured I could sneak in one last summer beer review.

Like all good lagers this one is very crisp with a good layering of spice on its finish. It also has a nice hoppy presence in its aroma. However, this brand doesn’t get cute with the citrus notes and lays off the sugar without it becoming too dry, which seems rare among many recent craft lagers. Instead the malt and grain is perfectly blended with a slight (ever so slight) hint of honey in its finish.

For a beer that packs this much flavor I’m shocked by how incredibly light the mouthfeel is and this easily ranks high among all the beers I've tried since writing for this site. I try to avoid throwing out A grades so freely but this is very deserving and my only regret is that I don’t have a six-pack of this brand in my frig. That will be corrected very soon.

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