Black Noddy Lager

November 12, 2011

Overall Grade:C-

The beer is pure black in color with a very thin head that leaves next to no lacing on the glass. Strong traces of figs, malt and banana hit the nose along with other citrus notes. Upon tasting, I had to be reminded that this is a lager of the Schwarzbier tradition. It’s kind of startling because you expect it to be rich and malty, and, instead, it’s very light with a roasted taste that does take some getting used to. The mouthfeel is incredibly light with lots of carbonation and none of the creaminess that is usually associated with dark beers. Being a neophyte to this brewing tradition, I must say the citrus notes are a bit too strong and the roasted malts tend to come across as burnt. Not a good combination. I had my girlfriend sample a taste and she reported that it tasted like “lake water” and was just overall gross. I’m afraid I concur.

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