Green Flash Le Freak

December 20, 2011

Overall Grade:B+

They did it; an amazing Belgian/IPA combo.

Starting like a Belgian and finishing like an IPA, Le Freak tastes more IPA than Belgian, though you definitely get a little of each. It's a rich, heavy, generously hopped beer that tastes the part of a 9.2% ABVer.

It smells more Belgian than IPA. Looking down the glass, you can see a faint green, similar to Green Flash's West Coast IPA.

The accomplishment of combining these style may be slightly more impressive than the end product. It's a bit of an abrupt transition to go from a sweet Belgian to a bitter IPA, but maybe there are people who have always dreamt of such an offering. That said, you can take matters into your own hands. Drinking it slowly will highlight the IPA qualities. Drinking it quickly will let the Belgian characteristics shine through while masking the Imperial IPA notes. However you want to drink it, it's well worth trying.

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