Abita Brewery Andygator

December 30, 2011

Overall Grade:A-

I had never heard of the Abita Brewery, which hails from Louisiana. When I saw it at a small grocer, the description card below it convinced me to give it a try. I'm sure glad I did. This beer boasts an 8% alcohol content, giving an initial impression of perhaps limited drinkability. The truth was quite the contrary. This beer, with notes of citrus and apple, is extremely drinkable. It is juicy, smooth, and mouth filling. Despite the fruity flavors, this beer is anything but fruity. It has enough hoppiness to make the fruity notes simply "notes", and not overriding flavors. The aroma is not very prevalent, which may be a good thing. The mild aroma hints again at orange and apples, but the hops can still be detected. It is not hoppy enough to be considered a pale ale, and the drinker would never guess it has an 8% ALC. Yet, this beer has a hoppy onset with a perfectly balanced fruity finish. I'd recommend this beer to anyone, even those who do not enjoy anything that could be described as "fruity".

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