Russian River Pliny the Elder

May 15, 2013

Overall Grade:A+

Crisp hop delightfulness.

Light, tasty bitter-finishing double IPA that has an elite, clean finish that leaves you craving more. Pine, hop flavor starts mellow before increasing into a powerful, full-bodied dose at mid-taste.

Chalk me up as an mega Pliny fan. It's the perfect beer. Drinkable. Bursting with flavor. Amazing finish. Perhaps people who have trouble with bitterness won't love it, but that's their loss. I had it once on draft where it seemed a little old, which is odd, given the demand, and was quite bitter. Perhaps it was the bottom of the barrel. Every other time (all two dozen or so) that I've had it on draft, it has been excellent. For this review, the pint I had was bottled two days before I drank it -- Russian River includes bottle date on the label and encourages drinking it chilled and right away.

Delicious piney hop aroma that doesn't fade and hints at a high alcohol content.

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