Anchor Brewing California Lager

January 3, 2014

Overall Grade:A-

Anchor Steam was the first beer I tried, my dad passing me a sip when I was 10 or 11. Like any normal kid, I thought it tasted awful. Of course now it's my favorite beer. For a long time it seemed like Anchor brewing only did their signature "steam" beer and nothing else, but then over the past ten years they've been brewing a number of different styles. California lager is their eponymous offering in the lager category, and it is a good, solid beer. Not as tasty as Anchor Steam, think a fuller, more complete flavor version of any domestic American lager. Let it sit for ten minutes out of the fridge, then pour it and drink it, tempers the bitter aftertaste a bit. Very drinkable, goes well with any food or by itself.

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